Science Olympiad Team

Congratulations to the Robinson Science Olympiad Team who placed 1st at the regional competition at ETSU this weekend.  The team will advance to the state tournament at the University of Tennessee on April 7th, where they will compete against the top 20 teams in the state.  We especially want to give a big RNR "Shout Out" to our Junior Varsity team who absolutely rocked it!!!  Team members earned medals in the following events:


Anatomy and Physiology-Olivia Perkins-Henson and Emily Shao(2nd), Cooper Reynolds and Tauri Thomas(4th).   Disease Detectives-Olivia Perkins-Henson and Ben Allen(1st), Karen Sturgill and Felicity Chen(2nd).  Ecology-Emily Shao and Melody Yuan(2nd).  Herpetology-

Tauri Thomas and Thomas Buchanan(1st), Eliza Gardenhour and Michelle Musesengwa(2nd).  Microbe Mission-Libby Boykin and Oliver Winkler(1st).  Dynamic Planet-Michelle Musesengwa and libby Boykin(1st).  Meteorology-Oliver Winkler and Jessie Gu(1st).  Solar System-Mason Craft and Melody Yuan(1st) and Karen Sturgill(4th).  Road Scholar-Laura Head and Courtney Rose(1st).  Rocks and Minerals-Eliza Gardenhour and Laura Head(1st).  Crime Busters-Laura Head and Jessie Gu(1st).  Mystery Architecture-Felicity Chen and Cooper Reynolds(1st) and Sam Loparo and Jessie Gu(2nd).  Hovercraft-Sophie Day and Sam Leparo(1st).  Optics-Ben Allen and Oliver Winkler(1st).  Battery Buggy-Olivia Perkins-Henson and Mason Craft(1st).  Thermodynamics-Melody Yuan and Aiden McNabb(1st).  Potions and Poisons-Sophie Day and Libby Boykin(1st).  Towers-Aiden McNabb and Courtney Rose(2nd).  Wright Stuff-Eliza Gardenhour and Courtney Rose(1st).  Roller Coaster-Ben Allen and Emily Shao(1st).  Experimental Design-Aiden McNabb, Michelle Musesengwa and Mason Craft(1st).  Fast Facts-Sophie Day and Sam Leparo(1st)  Karen Sturgill and Felicity Chen(3rd).  Write It, Do It-Emily Chao and Courtney Rose(1st).