Congratulations to the Robinson MATHCOUNTS team for placing 1st in the regional competition on Saturday. The team consisted of Neekon Nejad, Ria Kothari, Noah Lee and Kousha Sadeghi who will now compete in the state competition in March. Neekon also placed 1st in the individual round and Kousha placed 3rd. In the oral countdown round, Robinson took all 3 top places with Ria Kothari-1st place, Noah Lee-2nd place and Bryce Russell-3rd place. Robinson had 6 students place in the top 10 individuals-Neekon Nejad, Noah Lee, Ria Kothari, Kousha Sadeghi, Bryce Russell, and Parker Ross. Melody Yuan also placed in the top 16. There were 60 students from 6 schools in the region who competed in the competition. Also competing for Robinson were Gregory Allen, Lauren Thomas and Klaire Lang.